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Milano, IT

Carlo Alberto Madoglio aka st.grimes is a musician, producer and multidisciplinary artist
based in Milan (IT). With Eurosport, debut EP and first contribution to Austrian label
Ashida Park, st.grimes took us on the perfect polyrhythmic journey by synthesizing all
his influences into a genre-bending release. His latest productions, SOLO CON TE and
High Speed Eurostar, are filled with nods to abandoned rave and eurodance sounds
and an obsessive attention to fast percussions. They look inward while inviting the
listener to disregard any genre-defining listening conventions.
Since 2021 his music has appeared on labels and platforms such as Pitchfork,
Boiler Room, NTS, Rinse FM, C.T.M, Ashida Park, Fritto Fm, Dublab, Fact Magazine,
among others. He shared the stage around Europe with some of the most celebrated
contemporary electronic acts like CRRDR, Miss Jay, Nahshi, EL PLVYBXY, Rattlesnakke,
Ice Eyes, Vibrisse, etc.
ENDLESS, his latest single, was released by Estonian based record label and event
series: Shelter
The track is featured in the label’s latest compilation Mizgîn along with productions by
Emma dj, Brodinski, Swan Meat, Bungalovv, Nahash and many more.


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