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Canile Drammatico Festival

2024   ----- --------------------------    Parma, IT

The Canile Drammatico Festival is a cultural event aimed at fostering meeting and exchange through theater, providing a platform for artists who struggle to find their place in the mainstream live performance industry, as well as those who inspire new creative processes.

We developed the brand identity and social media feed to reflect the festival's joyful aesthetic.

01 - Branding

We have developed a vibrant, festive identity centered around a dog as the main character to enhance the cheerful, exciting, and eye-catching atmosphere of the festival.

02 - Characters Development

We have developed AI-generated dog characters that exude a playful energy using Comfy AI. These characters embody the festival's joyful spirit, adding a lively and engaging element to our brand identity and social media presence.

03 - Social Media Development 

Our social media strategy is designed to amplify the festival's vibrant identity, leveraging dynamic content and interactive elements to build a sense of community and anticipation among our audience.