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2023/2024   ----- --------------------------    Italy

We enthusiastically took charge of the visual concept and creative direction, content design, and coordination of the visuals for Annalisa's show,

with guidance from show director, Jacopo Ricci.

The dedicated professionals at Unolab worked hard to create a distinctive and captivating visual experience, paying attention to every detail to capture attention and inspire imagination. 

We are proud to have played a role in making this show unforgettable!

With the creation of photogrammetry,

we crafted the artist's personalized avatar.

Throughout the show's narrative, this avatar appeared with different aesthetics to immerse the artist's image and contextualize it in various environments.

To enhance the visual show's impact, we conducted a photoshoot with Annalisa, incorporating various projection techniques and laser beams to create assets for subsequent editing in post-production.



Show Director: Jacopo Ricci

Visual Creative Direction & Design: Unolab Studio

Video Shooting Director: Sophie Perazzolo

Lighting ProgramminG: Nicola Costamagna / MORK255

Laser: Matteo D'Addio / Lasershow Roma

Creative Producer: Giorgio De Cassan

Notch: Lorenzo Venturini & Daniele Cattaneo


Davide Valentino

Luca Giovannardi

Vasco D'Ospina

Genera Live

Gabriele Calvi


DOP Maila Bidoli
Executive: Jacopo Ricci
Producer: Francesca Cantagalli
Scenografo: Ibra Mahmoud
Stylist: Susanna Ausoni
1 Ass Stylist: Debora Oggioni
2 Ass Stylist: Kevin Giacco
1AD: Gaia Redondo
Gaffer: Nicolò Andreuccetti
Spark: Giorgio Messina
SteadyCam Op: Andrea Gabella
1AC: Jonas Ongaro
2AC: Alessia Gargano
Coreografo: Simone Baroni
Ballerina: Deborah Pini
Ballerina: Melanie Belligi
Ballerino: Kevin Amadio
MUA: Greta Agazzi
Hair Stylist: Andrea Pirani